An Obstetric Gynaecologist at the Ga South Municipal Hospital, Dr Kwabena Omari Yeboah, has revealed that short women are more prone to giving birth through Caesarian sections or C.S.

According to him, this is because the uterus of such women are small, compared to others and cannot support the pressure that comes with vaginal delivery.

“Women below 1.5m are prone to caesarian births due to fact that their uteruses are too small and as such, they can’t deliver through the vagina,” he revealed.

He also disclosed that teenage mothers, diabetic pregnant women, women with fibroid pregnancy and women who have some complications during labour, among others, are also likely to deliver through caesarian.

He discouraged the notion that Caesarian births are for
weak women as is the perception among some Ghanaians.

He also discounted the assertion that women who deliver through caesarian may not regain their strengths, noting such claims are false.

“Women who deliver through caesarian will regain
their strength it is just a matter of time. It is not true that you cannot
regain your strength if you deliver through caesarian,” he said.

He spoke with Afia Amankwaah Tamakloe on Nyinsen Ne Awo) which airs on Adom FM every Sunday between 8:00 and 9:00 PM.

Source: Maabena Duho Mensah