A basketball high school crowd once almost reduced American singer-songwriter Khalid to tears when they chanted at him that he couldn’t sing.

“I can remember being in high school, in my senior year, going to a basketball game and the whole opposing side chanted ‘Khalid can’t sing’, ‘Khalid can’t sing’. And honestly, I wanted to cry.”

Speaking on the red carpet at the TIME 100 gala in New York City on Tuesday, the Grammy-nominated musician told the media outlet that it was the conversations he had with his mother and her words of advice, that kept him going strong.

“I went home and I talked to my mom and she was like ‘Don’t listen to them.’ She was like ‘They’re just mad that you’re chasing after your dreams. But you can’t get rid of that dream, you got to keep on.'”

Praising the conversations that he had with his mother over the years, when faced with harsh criticism, Khalid says that her words feel like a “blessing”, which he can pass onto others. He went onto tell Time that he also had “a good friend group to get me through it. I never let it get me down.”