Stunning Details In Visa Scandal Report

 Justice Tanko Amadu

committee which probed the visa scandal-tainted Commonwealth Games Gold Coast
Australia 2018 has unearthed stunning anomalies.

report originating from the probe in a general comment, for instance, stated
that the sub-committee chaired by a Justice of the Appeals Court, Justice Tanko
Amadu “could not get access to crucial information about the deported persons
as requested through the Secretary General of the Ghana Olympic Committee

reason for this lapse, according to the Secretary General of the GOC, was due
to the “uncooperative attitude of the Australian Border Control and the Ghana
Immigration Service.”

Ashley, General Secretary of the Volleyball Federation, refused to appear
before the committee, the report said, adding that “not even the request for
her release by the Chief Executive of the NSA where she is employed was
positively responded to. The committee did not find the explanation that she is
under police investigations as satisfactory.”

the report stated that “the committee is of the view that her continuous role
in the organisation of sports in Ghana at any level is no longer tenable.”

posted on social media ‘an exhaustive narrative about the process of
accreditation of journalists to the Games, Ken O. Adade, GOC Press Attache, was
asked to provide further details by the committee, but instead of doing so, he
rather included information “radically inconsistent with the earlier material
he posted.”

committee regarded the conduct of the officer as belittling of its assignment.

said he misled the committee by describing the entire scandal as a hoax in his

varying positions of the officer, the committee observed, were motivated and
influenced by persons hostile to the committee because of their apprehension
about the outcome of its assignment.

committee concluded that “Mr. Ken O. Adade is no longer fit and proper person
to remain in office as a press attache or other officer of the GOC or any
Sporting Federation”.

committee was not satisfied with the conduct of George Lamptey, Boxing
Federation President, who did not appear to the committee to have shown any
interest in identifying the suspected impersonation of a boxer from his federation
even before he left Ghana and during the period of his stay in Australia for
the games.

trip to Australia, the committee said, was of no benefit to the Federation and GOC
as a whole, adding that “it would have been appropriate for the committee to
recommend the refund of all expenses incurred on him except that any such
direction will fall outside the remit of the committee.

The committee revealed that visa racketeering through fraudulent representation for either financial gain or nepotic motives is endemic, condoned and facilitated at the highest level of the GOC and NSA.

By A.R. Gomda    

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