1. 3 personality types that is most likely to cheat

When it comes to romantic relationships, you can never be too sure. There is nothing in this world which can prepare you for the roller coaster ride that comes with the uncertainty of infidelity and heartbreak. However, it is also important to identify how someone is going to behave in a relationship.

After all, nobody wants to be in a relationship where there are chances of getting cheated on. A lot of experts believe that there are certain personality types which are more prone to being an infidel. Infact, the famous Myers-Briggs Type can actually provide an insight into your partner’s behaviour in a relationship.

2. What is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

For the uninitiated, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator was developed by the mother-daughter duo, Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, in the 1940s. This test has become incredibly popular around the world since it helps people determine their personality type.

It is important to understand that even if your personality type may not exactly be in sync with how you react to various situations in real life, it is still interesting to gain an insight about the factors that impact your personality.

However before jumping the gun, do keep in mind that a person’s actual personality is shaped by their own belief system, values and decisions.

3. The one who loves the spotlight

The ESFP personality type (Extraversion (E), Sensing (S), Feeling (F), Perception (P) is the charmer of the lot and loves to entertain people. With an ESFP around, be rest assured that you will not experience a dull moment, thanks to their spontaneity. Being full of energy, it is natural that they tend to grab eyeballs their way. They are utterly social and love having a good time with their friends.

Being a social butterfly comes with the tag of a wandering eye. They have an undying need to be constantly entertained, which may cause them to get tempted to be unfaithful.

4. The one who breaks the rule

As the name suggests, The ENTP (Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving) personality type, loves to break through the conventional notions. They are logical thinkers and good debaters. Infact, they just might argue their way out of any argument. However, being a debater can act as a double-edged sword as they get easily bored with routine and want something new to focus on.

They also believe that rules were meant to be broken, a behavioural trait which might make it hard to stick to just one relationship at a time.

5. The one who lives in the moment

The ESTP (Extraversion (E), Sensing (S), Thinking (T), Perception (P) is easily the most likeable of all the personality types. It is not uncommon to witness them surrounded by a host of people, wanting a piece of them. ESTPs are the ones that get the party started with the stories of their adventures.

They are good storytellers and thrive on social interaction. They also enjoy living in the moment and making the most out of it–not exactly an ideal trait for someone wanting a long-lasting commitment.


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