Two Ghanaian truck drivers were reportedly killed in
a terrorist attack near the Burkina-Faso border on Thursday while transporting
floor tiles from the Takoradi Port to an importer in the Malian Capital,

Reports indicate that the incident happened when the two drivers were stopped at a security barrier near the Burkina Faso to Mali Border in a town called Koury to settle their usual travel arrangement fee of CFA 1,000.

Confirming the news to Accra-based Citi FM, the Acting Chairman of the Joint Association of Port Transport Union (JAPTU), Alhaji Shamsu Baba Yaro disclosed the drivers have been identified as Mouhamed Moumen and Suleiman Gariba.

According to a colleague driver, who was tasked by JAPTU to go and verify the situation and protect the goods, the security agencies demanded additional CFA 1,000 from the two drivers who refused to pay and moved close to the barrier to negotiate the fee.

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“While negotiating, armed men described by the contact as alleged members of the Boko Haram Terrorist Group, attacked the drivers as well as the other security officers at the barrier.

“Instantly, the two drivers and five other people
were shot and killed,” he disclosed.

The remains of the murdered Ghanaian truck drivers and the five others have been sent to a Mortuary in Koutiala, a small town, 20km away from the Malian Border Town of Koury.

Source: | Gertrude Otchere

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