The Upper West Regional Police Command has added to their traditional models of training, martial arts drills for effective law enforcement and self-defense in arrests and crime control.

Martial arts, a codified system and tradition of combat, being adopted by the regional police service would also help the personnel in their physical, mental and spiritual development.

Mr. Wotodjo Kwasivi Mensah, the Upper West Regional coach for Ghana Karate-Do Martial, who has been conducting the martial arts training, said officers always put their lives on the line in protecting citizens, hence the need for new tactics for their operations.

The police need to be well-equipped with self-defense tactics and skills to be able to adequately protect citizens against armed robbery, stealing, terror attacks and kidnapping among others.

“I have started with the Upper West Regional Police Command, but I am ready and prepared to provide training for other security services free of charge,” he said.

He was impressed with the performance of the police officers who have been undergoing the rigorous training for the past two months.

It is expected that Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies would approve the exercise for their respective jurisdictions to adequately prepare security officers ahead of the 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections.

Inspector Gideon Boateng, the Regional Police Public Relations Officer, expressed gratitude to coach Mensah and his team for rendering their service to the police without charges.

He expressed the hope that the exercise would go a long way to empower the police in discharging their law enforcement duties, of protecting life and property.

Source: GNA