Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Monday celebrated the anniversary of his disputed re-election amid a growing humanitarian crisis and political upheaval.

Maduro tweeted that the May 20, 2018, election, was a “victory” for Venezuelans, though the opposition and many countries have derided it as unfair.

The government staged a rally on the anniversary, and members of a loyalist assembly delivered speeches.

The assembly rivals the opposition-controlled congress, headed by Juan Guaido, that says Maduro has steered Venezuela toward authoritarian rule and ruined the economy.

Maduro supporters carry a picture of him through the streets during a pro-government rally in Caracas on Monday. (Ivan Alvarado/Reuters)

The United States has imposed sanctions on Venezuela in a bid to unseat Maduro, compounding the problems of the country’s deteriorating oil industry. Maduro says Guaido is a pawn in a U.S. coup plot.

Maduro’s re-election to a second six-year term lies at the heart of Venezuela’s political standoff, in which Guaido has sought unsuccessfully to get the military command to support him. The opposition leader’s failed call for a military uprising on April 30 was followed by deadly clashes between police and protesters.

Ahead of Maduro’s 2018 re-election, the main opposition coalition refused to field a candidate, saying there was no possibility of a fair vote. The government had previously stacked the electoral council and judiciary with its supporters, and the opposition’s most combative leaders were banned from participating, imprisoned or in exile.