A Togolese footballer of Nigerian origins with a love for Ghana – Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor (SEA) is a man with many homes. He’s also one of this continent’s richest footballers of all time, having played for huge clubs such as Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspurs and Real Madrid, all on huge wages.

Adebayor’s richness was on full display in a new video uploaded by his great friend Funny Face whilst the two chill in Ghana. In this country alone, Adebayor owns a mansion with numerous cars parked on the premises, a sign of his great wealth.

The cars include two Porsche Panaremas, a Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes Benz van and others, all customized SEA (Adebayor’s initials).

That’s before we go to his mansions and cars owned in Togo and elsewhere. These days if your kid wants to play football, you have to push him in with all your heart, unlike the past when parents would not even allow it.

Check Adebayor’s mansion and customized cars – in Ghana – in the video below…