Christians waiting for the second coming of Christ would be disappointed as he will never return to earth.

This is the assertion of controversial prophet, Bishop Daniel Obinim.

Commenting on the second coming, he said “I cant think far why Christians are waiting for Jesus Christ. He wont come again”.

The self acclaimed angel explained that, for over 2000 years, Christians have been preaching and worrying themselves with the second coming of Christ which even started when Christ himself was on earth.

“If you die a sinner or die in Christ, all die be die so chill and have fan. Jesus would have come by now if he really wont to after 2000 years” he stated.

He says a careful look at that ancient statement reveals there’s a huge flaw with it hence he doesn’t think Jesus will ever appear again.

Bishop Daniel Obinim therefore advised Christians to make money and have fun on earth.

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