Angel Obinim talks about Second Coming of Christ

If you are an ardent follower of Jesus Christ and waiting to go to Heaven, hence living a chastely life, Angel Obinim says it is about time you think twice.

According to the founder and leader of International God’s
Way Church, he has reached the realisation point where the Second Coming of
Christ seems like a myth to him.

He asked Ghanaians to watch people engulfed in fraternities such as the ‘Freemasonry, Sisterhood, Brotherhood’ who excel in life because most of them do not believe in Jesus Christ.

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Angel Obinim explained that, when Jesus Christ talked about
coming back for the second time to save believers, he was talking to only his

Jesus told his disciples that he will be back and not Christians of today. He was gonna come for his disciples not his followers. A lot of generations have passed. And 2,200 years today he has not come. So the Freemasons, Sisterhood, Brotherhood will tell you that you will die and he will not be here. They have 100 percent evidence that he is not coming back.

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“My mom took me to church, Assemblies of God, where is she now? She couldn’t wait for it. My dad also couldn’t meet him. If he would come he would have been here already. We all know he is coming but with the way things are going he might not come,” he concluded.

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