(Left) Obinim, Reverend Obofour (middle) and One Blow (right)

In a video fast circulating on social media, the Founder and Leader of the International Godsway Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim, popularly known as Angel Obinim, can be seen asking all his branch pastors to cut ties with him.

According to him, he feels they’ve betrayed him enough to
continue his pastoral journey with them.

Not long ago, one of Angel Obinim’s junior pastors, who goes by the name ‘One Blow’ was given freely a Range Rover sports car when he visited Obinim’s ‘arch-rival’ Reverend Obofour’s Anointed Palace Chapel Worldwide Church (photo below).

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Reverend Obofour gives ‘One Blow’ Range Rover sports car

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‘One Blow’ went ahead to explain why he left Obinim’s church saying “Obinim promised to give me 2 billion old Ghana Cedis and a car, but he never did though he told me God has told him to show me the way.”

He said Angel Obinim disgraced his wife in front of his congregation – a gesture which caused his wife to go insane for a period of time.

Obinim, who felt betrayed by the words of ‘One Blow’, rubbished all his claims indicating that he had presented ‘One Blow’ with more than he had received from Reverend Obofour.

According to him, he never expected “ungrateful” ‘One Blow’ to reveal his personal secrets to Reverend Obofour amidst their rough relationship.

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Obinim, over the weekend, called his pastors to the altar and asked them why they continue to break his heart despite the fact that he has good plans for them.

“Which pastor would let you sell things in the church that you wouldn’t account for?  Which resident pastor in Ghana has built a church like all of you have? If you claim you left empty handed how did you buy a house? You were able to buy a car for your wife, so where did you get the money? Why would you go and reveal all my secrets (referring to One Blow)?” Obinim queried in Twi.

Feeling disappointed even after several apologies and soothing words from the congregants, Angel Obinim urged his branch pastors to take over the church without his affiliation, saying he is fed up with their betraying utterances.

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“I pay you guys 800 Cedis a week. When we have crusades, all the items we sell I don’t even take a penny. Why would you go out and make people think you are helping me while I am helping you. Take the churches I have opened for you. I am finding it very difficult to trust you pastors.

“I can no longer play this game anymore. I know there are people behind trying to destroy my name and brand,” he said in Twi.

But at the end of the service, after venting his spleen, one of the branch pastors pleaded for a second chance on condition that Angel Obinim should look through their hearts and sack the fake pastors himself.

Watch the video above:

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