Workers Flee Chereponi over Clashes

Information reaching DGN Online indicates that workers in the Chereponi district of the North East region have fled the area due to the renewed clashes between the Konkombas and Chokosis.

The workers loaded in two separate buses left the Chereponi district through Togo to Tamale for their safety.

According to them, the shooting of the district coordinating director indicated that workers in the district were not safe.

They have stated that they would only go back to the Chereponi district when calm returns.

A teacher, Seidu Rashid, told DGN Online that the security personnel deployed in the area were not enough to take charge of the situation.

The fight started on Sunday between the people of Nambiri Zongo, a Chokosi community and a Konkomba community called Tombo, both in the Saboba District over a piece of farm land.

FROM Eric Kombat, Chereponi

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