The world’s first museum dedicated entirely to vaginas is set to open in the United Kingdom (UK).  

The London-based Vagina Museum will open its doors for the first time
on November 16 following a £50,000 crowdfunding campaign. The museum
aims to educate and raise awareness of vaginal and vulval health and
fight stigmas.  

Its founder describes it as “the world’s first bricks and mortar
museum dedicated to gynaecological anatomy.” The museum will feature art
exhibitions, plays, workshops and comedy nights all centred around

Director Florence Schechter decided to set it up in 2017 after
discovering Iceland’s Phallological Museum, which houses the world’s
largest display of penises, had no equivalent for vulvas and vaginas.  

She said the aim of the museum is to “erase the stigma around the
body and gynaecological anatomy” for everyone, regardless of their race,
sex or gender. She said the museum, which is in essence a cultural
centre, will run child-friendly programmes for families and schools.

It will also offer an outreach programme to ensure children feel comfortable talking about female genitals from an early age.

“When they’re ashamed of their bodies, it becomes really difficult for them to talk about things,” she said. “It’s about de-stigmatising this part of the body and being honest about what it does.”

Source: BBC