Former Ghana Football Association (GFA) Vice President, George Afriyie has lashed out at the Normalization Committee for sidelining club owners and not doing enough to reform football in the country in the last 6 months.

The NC has been put together by FIFA and the Government of Ghana to restore sanity at the GFA after the airing of the Anas Number 12 video last year June. Many have not been impressed with the work of the Committee so far after spending 6 months in office.

Sharing his thoughts on the issue, Mr George Afriyie has accused the NC of ignoring football administrators in their efforts to reform football in the country.

According to him, clubs are the major stakeholders as far as the game is concerned and they should be kept in the loop on what they NC plans to do to get things in order.

“You are a media man. Tell me in 6 months what did you witness. Painting of the GFA office? Is that what you show for 6 months of inactivity? If there is something me I don’t know. We will not keep quiet”

“If Dr Kofi Amoah is to stay 3 years am telling you if he is to stay 2 years to reform football, some of us will support him provided you carry us along to know what you are doing. Just let us know. You don’t reform in your bedroom”, the former GFA Vice President said in an interview with the media.

He continued “If you want to reform football let us know that am doing A, B, C. Trust me whether Dr Kofi Amoah likes it or not 90% of the stakeholders is the football clubs so you don’t take us for granted. The fact that we have been quiet and we have allowed you smooth to operate it doesn’t mean you can take us for granted”.

He opines that if the NC want to reform football there should be proper reformation for everybody to see. The former GFA Vice insists that if the NC does not sit up the recent attacks on referees will escalate into something they cannot contain.