Youth Activist Warns Against Political Propaganda

Nafis Quaye

NAFIS QUAYE, a youth activist and entrepreneur, has bemoaned the use of propaganda by political parties to throw dust into the eyes of citizens.

Speaking in an interview recently, Mr Quaye
stated: “if care is not taken, the canker of propaganda, as being used by
opposition political parties, could tear this country apart and cause mayhem, as
well as divisions among Ghanaians.”

Mr. Quaye argued that despite differences in political
ideologies, politicians and party commentators must strive to elevate
discussions and issues to reflect situations on the ground rather than always
resort to unverifiable lies contrived to convince sympathizers.

Sharing his experience on the recent kidnapping
of the two Canadians, Mr. Quaye lamented that the occurrence greatly affected
his business.

“During that period, I was supposed to come to
Ghana from the U.S, with some 25 young American citizens who wanted to explore
the business environment in Ghana. It was rather unfortunate that some
politicians mainly from the opposition painted the country in bad light on the
internet and most of these students, refused to embark on the trip upon reading
those articles. Only six, who were bold enough, traveled here,” he noted.

Another incident he mentioned was the latest
allegation that President Nana
Akufo-Addo’s daughter, Gyankroma Akufo-Addo, was contracted to airlift the
Black Stars Supporters Union to Egypt for the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations
and, as a result, had bagged some $2.4 million.

This was counteracted by a statement from the Youth and Sports Ministry, signed
by its Minister, Isaac Asiamah, which denied the claims that Gyankroma was in
charge of feeding and sheltering the 120 supporters, each of whose travel
expenses for the whole AFCON season amounted to US$20,000.

Meanwhile, Mr.
Quaye said the claims have made damages and dented the image of the first
family as publications have gone wide on various social media platforms on the
incident which was not true.

“Going forward, I
believe, we must learn to do things right. NPP party communicators must be
quick to respond to such allegations and make sure it doesn’t attract global or
national attention. Ghana doesn’t need propaganda at this stage of our national
development. What is needed, are ideas and contributions that will elevate the
national discourse and progress” he maintained.

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